Best Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit Required 2018

Are you searching for very cheap car insurance with no deposit? At this post, you will find no deposit auto insurance pay monthly.Compare no deposit required car insurance at this site.Today we bring you a detailed article that will take you through the various tips following which you can get cheap auto insurance with no deposit.

Why is Auto Insurance Mandatory?

Auto insurance is now mandatory in almost every part of the world for anyone who owns an automobile. As soon as you buy a vehicle, it is mandatory that you also purchase auto insurance for the vehicle as only then you will be legally permitted to drive the vehicle on public roads.

But why is car insurance or auto insurance important and made mandatory?

Well, auto insurance is made mandatory to make sure that in case of an accident, the owner of the vehicle that has caused the accident is financially capable to pay off for any deaths and bodily harms caused to anyone else along with any damages that may be caused to any public or private property.

Even though the main reason for making auto insurance compulsory for every automobile owner is to make sure that the vehicle owner is capable of paying off legal costs of any accidents, auto insurance can also help cover any costs of damage to your vehicle as well as the people including yourself present inside the vehicle as well.

Car Insurance With No Deposit

What are the different types of Auto Insurance Policies?

When you are thinking to buy no deposit car insurance then it is also important that you know the different types of auto insurance that are available out there so that you know what you are actually being offered when you purchase the auto insurance.There are several different types of auto insurance. Some of the auto insurance covers all sorts of possible claims that a vehicle owner can make whereas other auto insurance policies are more specific for vehicle owners who actually do not require all the benefits of auto insurance and requires only a specific set of claims to be covered by their auto insurance. If you are a general driver with no much knowledge about insurance policies and the claims covered by the different types of insurance policies, then it is better to choose from the below two different types of auto insurance when trying to buy cheap insurance for your car with no deposit or low deposit car insurance 2018.

  1. Type 1.
  2. Type 2.

The Type 1 of auto insurance is also called a “Third Party Insurance” and this is the mandatory auto insurance that every vehicle owner must have regardless of which cheap no deposit car insurance they choose.Here on this site we wrote few posts on how to find no down payment and really cheapest auto insurance.

As suggested by the name itself, in the case of an accident, a Third Party Insurance covers any type of damage that may be caused to the other party’s vehicle and also for any injuries caused to the occupants of that vehicle.

For example, in case of an accident with another vehicle, your insurance company will pay for any treatment for all the occupants in the other vehicle and will also pay for the damages that are caused on the other vehicle because of your vehicle.

However, if you wish the insurance policy to cover any liability cost in case of the death of a third-person or damages caused to a third-person’s property, you can additional ask your insurance provider to add those points into your insurance policy as well.

The problem with Type 1 auto insurance is that in the case of an accident, the costs of any damages caused to your vehicle or to the occupants of your vehicle are not covered. This is where the Type 2 auto insurance comes into the picture.

If you own a Type 2 auto insurance, which is also called a “Comprehensive Car Insurance”, then the auto insurance will cover for any type of bodily injury or damage to the property caused by you to a third-person and will also cover any costs of damage occurred to your vehicle and the occupants of your vehicle as well. The Type 2 auto insurance also cover natural calamities like storm, flood, fire etc. and will also pay you in case your vehicle gets stolen.

Below are some of the claims covered by the Type 2 auto insurance:

  • Damage due to fire, explosion, lightning etc.
  • Damage due to earthquakes, storms, typhoon, flood, hurricane, cyclone, hailstorm etc.
  • Damage due to riots, terrorist or malicious attacks, burglary, strikes etc.
  • Thefts and vandalism.

Even though it seems like all the possible claims are covered by the Type 2 auto insurance, it is important to note that none of the auto insurance policies offered, including Type 1 and Type 2, will not accept the claims of the insurance holder under the following scenarios:

  • If your vehicle is damaged due to natural wear and tear due to longed use, then you will not be able to claim auto insurance for such damages.
  • If an accident occurs when you are driving under the influence of alcohol or any permitted drugs above the legal limit.
  • If you are driving under the influence of any banned drugs.
  • If the vehicle is driven by someone who does not own a valid driving license.
  • If the use of the vehicle is not according to the vehicle’s limits or legal limits.
  • If the owner of the vehicle has an invalid or expired driving license.
  • If the vehicle has been altered or modified with other than factory accessories.

Factors Affecting the Price of Auto Insurance:

Below are some of the factors that will affect the price of auto insurance.

  1. If you are an individual whose age is below 25 or above 55, then auto insurance providers will charge a higher premium for auto insurance from you than normal. This is because auto insurance providers consider drivers below the age of 25 and drivers above the age of 55 to be potentially risky on the road as both these age groups are the main cause of accidents on the road.
  2. If you are trying to get the Type 2 auto insurance for a second-hand vehicle, then the premium charged will be higher for you. This is because auto insurance providers will take the age of the vehicle into consideration when deciding the premium of your auto insurance. As the Type 2 auto insurance, also known as Comprehensive Car Insurance, covers almost all the damages that may incur on your vehicle, the auto insurance provider will charge you with a higher premium as the vehicle you own is older and will potentially face many problems than a brand new vehicle.

How to get Very Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit?

Here are some tips:

  1. If you are the customer of the same auto insurance provider for several years and if you have not made any claims until now, then you can approach the auto insurance provider and ask for discounts or even no deposit. The discounts that you can get in this manner can range anywhere from 20-50 percent.
  2. If you are able to pay for the auto insurance automatically from your bank on a monthly basis, then you can opt for the same. Many auto insurance providers offer discounts and even no deposit for people who can make automated monthly payments to the auto insurance provider directly from the bank.
  3. If you have not received fines related to traffic-related offenses in the past, then you can notify about the same to the auto insurance provider to get a no deposit cheap auto insurance and additional discounts as well.
  4. Get in touch with the HR department of your employer and inquire if your employer has partnerships with any auto insurance providers. Because many of the auto insurance providers will partner with big companies and organizations and offer massive discounts.
  5. Visit various auto insurance providers near you and compare the rates. You can also bargain with the auto insurance provider to get a cheaper and better rate for your auto insurance and provide all the necessary details including the ones mentioned above so as to persuade the auto insurance provider to provide you with no deposit. Also, instead of approaching the really famous auto insurance providers, you can also try the less popular ones with good ratings as these auto insurance providers will surely offer competitive prices and offers to gain more customers.

Final Words:

The above article featured a detailed explanation on how to get very cheap car insurance with no deposit. Hope you found the article on no deposit auto insurance informative.

If you have any questions about this post or this site, then feel free to ask us by leaving a comment below.

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